Environmental Programs

  • Green Earth Project

    (Since March 2011)

    The “Green Earth Project” consists of sub-projects which includes both the “Green Light Project” and the “Green Roof Project”. The main objective is to raise people’s awareness on dangers that may be done unintentionally to the environment if safety measures are not followed. Also, proper waste management involving recycling plays an important role in conserving our natural resources...

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  • Green Roof Project

    (Since August 2011)

    Every day, large amounts of empty (UHT) milk, juice and other beverage cartons are simply discarded. Unfortunately, only a fraction of these are recycled. These paper-based containers are constructed from 6 layers of cardboard lined with plastic and a thin layer of aluminum foil firmly compressed. Luckily, these items are recyclable to a very useful construction material such as a “roof sheet”...

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  • Green Light Project

    (Since April 2011)

    All around the world, efforts are being made to maintain a healthy environment. Schools in particular play a major role in teaching students of the importance of protecting our earth and ways to make the world clean and green because as the famous saying goes,...

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  • Paws for a Cause

    (Since February 2011)

    Education plays a very important role in making our lives in the future as successful as possible so having been provided a very good education here in Harrow, we truly feel fortunate that we have this opportunity. However, there are a lot of places in this country where not every child has a chance to receive a good education similar to ours...

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  • Veggies from the Heart

    (Since November 2010)

    “Veggies from the Heart” is the first project of the Lionheart Society. Our primary objective in selling organically grown vegetables at school was to raise a substantial amount of money to help a village school in the province of Nakhon Ratchasima. Luckily one of our members, Pat Yontrarak has a small plantation which grew a variety of fruits and organic vegetables, therefore these were readily made available to us for this project...

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