Flooding Crisis

This year, many parts of Thailand are subject to severe flooding. In some areas, the water surge is highest in the past 30 years. The affected region includes our old capital of Ayutthaya where the people are now stranded without food and clean water due to severed transportation linkages. Roads are closed or cut off, making rescue and aid-distribution management a challenge. Besides Ayutthaya, many districts in the central plain provinces such as Lopburi, Nakhonsawan, Kampaengphet, Uthaithani, Chainat, Suphanburi, Taak, Phitsanuloke, Sukhothai, Pichit, Singhburi, Angthong, Nakhonpathom, Pathumthani, and Nonthaburi are much affected as well.

Flooding Relief (1)

“We have also learned that the area we visited has been underwater for over a month. The only link to the outside is...”

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Flooding Relief (2)

“After hearing the sad news that flooding in the area became worse, our group decided to make another major donation...”

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Flooding Relief (3)

“I was desperate to go home to my family knowing they barely had any food and water supplies left to keep them going...”

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Other Flood Affected Families

“Our wardrobes are completely destroyed. We truly had only the shirts on our backs. We first evacuated to live.”

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