Green Light Project

(Since April 2011)

All around the world, efforts are being made to maintain a healthy environment. Schools in particular play a major role in teaching students of the importance of protecting our earth and ways to make the world clean and green because as the famous saying goes, “We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment”. Harrow has indeed opened our minds to this issue so we have decided to involve ourselves in a project that will be of significant value yet easy and straightforward.

Through the Green Light Project, we hope to encourage everyone to accept the challenge of keeping our planet healthy. Recycling is important and it definitely does make a difference to creating a better environment.

"Lionheart Society first-hand experience in learning about "Light bulb recycling" at Toshiba Recycling Plant..."

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"Students and parents were very responsive, the amount of lamps and light bulbs collected..."

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  1. Trip to Toshiba Recycling Plant (
  2. Creation of Posters, Billboards and Brochures
  3. Placement of a designated boxes or containers for solicited light bulbs
  4. Assembly speech and presentation for Primary, Prep and Secondary students

Green Light day

"As previously planned, invited representatives from Toshiba Co. made a presentation from..."

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Member’s Personal Thoughts & Experiences

It is common knowledge that our world is going through a dramatic change. Every inhabitant on Earth should do his/her part in conserving and protecting the environment. Currently, societies all over the world are embracing the “3 Rs” (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle). As a responsible young adult, I was compelled to do my part as well. We were fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to have a first-hand experience on the actual recycling processes of light bulbs and lamps at the Toshiba Recycling plant. The knowledge I acquired from this trip strengthened my intentions in spreading awareness to the other students at school. The collection of light bulbs was well accepted by everyone. By the end of the year, we were able to collect a total of 1,400 light bulbs!

Pat Yontrarak

Toshiba was kind enough to help us with our other project, “Green Light Project”. We went to see the production of light bulbs and the processes of recycling. Since we have raised awareness of mercury in the light bulb and how dangerous it can be if not disposed properly, there have been many light bulbs coming in our recycling bin.

Praewa Wattanavrangkul

The “Green Light Project”, this was to recycle used bulbs to help save our world for future generations. We aimed to recycle 1,000 bulbs, but in the end, everyone was supportive and we collected more than 1,400 bulbs!

Peak Kongsoonthorn

The Main Objective of the “Green Light Project” is to encourage recycling and raise awareness for proper disposal of hazardous materials. A collection of used or discarded light bulbs and lamps was put at the gates toHarrow, which allows students and visitors to drop off their unwanted items. The Lionheart Society had a chance to visit the Toshiba Plantation, giving us more knowledge of why we should recycle and take care of used light bulbs. I was taken by how many processes it took to create a single light bulb, therefore realizing how important this project was. Hopefully we have encouraged our fellow Harrovians how much this means to us and shed some light to the importance of our environment and our own safety.

Grace Livingston