Green Roof Project

(Since March 2011)

Every day, large amounts of empty (UHT) milk, juice and other beverage cartons are simply discarded. Unfortunately, only a fraction of these are recycled. These paper-based containers are constructed from 6 layers of cardboard lined with plastic and a thin layer of aluminum foil firmly compressed. Luckily, these items are recyclable to a very useful construction material such as a “roof sheet”.

Studies have shown that through recycling, 1 ton of these cartons helps reduce 900 kilograms of carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere when compared with burning and underground burying combined. Furthermore, as much as 4 square metres of storage space may be reduced or saved.

Our Aim

  1. Spread awareness and understanding of the importance of an eco-friendly environment among students.
  2. Provide knowledge and understanding of beverage carton recycling and encourage good habits to help reduce effects of harmful wastes.
  3. Actively contribute to the “Green Roof Project” for the HRH Princess Pa Foundation, Thai Red Cross Society through the collection of beverage cartons for recycling. (These in turn will be manufactured into durable roof sheets used in the construction of houses in flood-stricken areas around Thailand.)

"These roofs are flexible, durable, fire – resistant..."

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Every "Green Roof Project" for the HRH Princess Pa Foundation, Thai Red Cross Society..."

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Schools cooperating with us :

  • Tantimedh Kindergarten
  • Plengprasiddhi Kindergarten (Sri Nakarin)
  • Prangthip Kindergarten
  • Bangkok Prep (International School)
  • Fullakids International Daycare and Play School
  • Tienpradit indergarten
  • Imaim School... and more to join


The collection of used beverage cartons is a part of our current recycling project. A designated container beside the existing used lamp and battery disposal bins is provided.