Other Programs

  • National Youth Group Achievement Award

    (Since September 2014)

    "The Lionheart Society received most welcomed news that it was honored with the 2014 National Youth Group Achievement Award...."

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  • Charity Project at Petchburi

    (Since August 2014)

    "The Lionheart Society once again had the opportunity to perform a community service project for the mentally challenged children of Petchburi Panyanukul School...."

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  • Huahin Dog Shelter Foundation

    (Since July 2012)

    "The center also rescues dogs that are abused, treated with cruelty or injured. A lot of these dogs are sick, hungry, scared, neglected, dumped in temples or streets...."

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  • Mae Sot Refugee Camp

    (Since June 2012)

    “We found it hard to believe that these children could actually concentrate on studying amongst all the noise and disturbances, especially when there’s a heavy downpour ramming the metal roof. School without electricity....”

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  • Invitation to: Singapore

    (Since March 2012)

    “On the 28th-30th of March 2012, representatives from The Lionheart Society (Pat, Praewa, Peak and Oak) had the privilege to travel to Singapore. We accepted invitations from 3....”

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  • Flooding Crisis

    (Since October 2011)

    This year, many parts of Thailand are subject to severe flooding. In some areas, the water surge is highest in the past 30 years. The affected region includes our old capital of Ayutthaya where the people are now stranded without food and clean water due to severed transportation linkages...

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  • Paws for a Cause

    (Since February 2011)

    Education plays a very important role in making our lives in the future as successful as possible so having been provided a very good education here in Harrow, we truly feel fortunate that we have this opportunity. However, there are a lot of places in this country where not every child has a chance to receive a good education similar to ours...

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  • Veggies from the Heart

    (Since November 2010)

    “Veggies from the Heart” is the first project of the Lionheart Society. Our primary objective in selling organically grown vegetables at school was to raise a substantial amount of money to help a village school in the province of Nakhon Ratchasima. Luckily one of our members, Pat Yontrarak has a small plantation which grew a variety of fruits and organic vegetables, therefore these were readily made available to us for this project...

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